Brighton & Hove Fencing Club



Angela Goodall - Head Coach

Angela Goodall is a Master of the British Academy of Fencing, level 5 Coach, and holds an International Diploma in Fencing Coaching, one of only four women in UK to do so.


Angela has coached in clubs, schools, colleges and universities for

over 40 years with fencers at local, national and international level. She

has also taught stage combat in drama schools, directed fights for

theatre and opera, is a Fellow of the British Academy of Dramatic

Combat and an Honorary Member of the Royal College of Music.

Gerad Harmer - Assistant Coach

Gerad is a fencer & a coach, fencing at various clubs across the South East. He is a member of the British Academy of Fencing and a qualified Level 3 coach. He has been coaching at Brighton and Hove Fencing Club for a number of years, supporting Professor Angela Goodall, and is also Head Coach at Lewes Fencing Club. A keen competitor, Gerad is trained in the three fencing sword disciplines (Foil, Épée and Sabre) and is regularly asked to referee at county and region level competitions.

Club members who also coach

Brian Causton holds a Level 1 coaching diploma. He is a very experienced fencer, having fenced for over 50 years, competed in hundreds of competitions from club to international level, and won a few of them!  He coaches fight tactics and strategy, with the intermediate fencers. He is a level 3 referee, and referee assessor. Brian is also club treasurer, treasurer of  Sussex County Fencing Union, Chairman of the South-East Fencing Region comittee, and Competition Director of the Sussex Open Fencing Tournament.


Tim Chittleburgh is a Level 1 coach, and the club Welfare Officer, which means that he deals with all issues relating to the club's policies on Child Protection and for Vulnerable adults. Tim is a highly qualified social worker. He is also our club Chairman


Mike Smith is a Level 1 coach, and leads our Sabre group. 

Proficiency awards